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Partnership opportunities

SOOSH Partnership Programme

Make the right decision and become a distributor for SOOSH juices! Our beverages are a hit with trendy café’s, bakeries, bars and restaurants. If you are an independent retailer, owner of a catering business or are involved with the distribution of food & drink products then we would love to work with you! Together we would develop a partnership programme tailored to meet your individual needs.


SOOSH was created with a focus on emphasising the delicious taste and health benefits of this traditional beverage made using dried fruit and water. This traditional drink, made by mixing 3 polish fruit, has been made by generations in Lemkos households when traditional medicines were not yet widely available and did not achieve the same level of success as they do today.

Today, SOOSH is available in cafes, restaurants and health food shops. It is a perfect alternative to deserts and sweet carbonated drinks. We are proud of the fact, that our drink is made from Polish ingredients, in Poland, by a Polish manufacturer and the only additional ingredient to our fruit is water.

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Our goal is for our products to bring benefits to our partners at every stage. The unique flavours found in our drinks will allow your customers for a moment of nostalgia, helping them revisit their childhood, Christmas gatherings, or home recipes for natural smoked fruit juice. Our active engagement in social media, PR activity and advertising campaigns will help us attract new customers from every walk of life.

For our customers and distributors, this means increased sales and a positive impact on their brands.

Familiarise yourself with the benefits of becoming a SOOSH partner:


We have developed an attractive partnership package, thanks to which you can achieve:

  • higher sales per customer,
  • increase in customer numbers,
  • greater footfall to your location,
  • positive impact on your brand (by stocking unique and attractive products).

SOOSH is not just a good choice when seeking unique flavours and healthy alternatives, it is a smart business decision.


SOOSH’s unique and distinctive flavour has been made thanks to mixing three core ingredients:

apples –  improve the condition of your skin, hair and nails, prevent atherosclerosis,

pears – reduce the acidity levels in the digestive system and, thanks to its iodium content, helps treat hypothyroidism,

plums – contain pectins which, by swelling in your stomach, make you feel full faster.

SOOSH is great at quenching thirst and it can be served at any temperature. Our tip is to serve it at room temperature. It is a perfect alternative to desserts and sugary soda drinks. It has just the right level of sweetness without a ton of calories.


SOOSH is primarily a healthy alternative to high calorie beverages. A 200ml bottle of SOOSH contains:

  • potassium (226 mg)  – enhances concentration and analytical thinking,
  • iron (1 mg) – a basic component of hemoglobin transporting oxygen in red blood cells,
  • zinc ( 0,4mg) – important for protein, hormone and red blood cell synthesis, 
  • antioxidants ( kwercetyna) – neutralize free radicals.

SOOSH fruit juice helps lower cholesterol levels, improves your immune system and has positive health benefits in many areas.


Research conducted by Azti-Tecnalia, a specialist in the field of food & drink research has concluded that consumers are changing their habits in terms of ingredient choices. In the near future we will be able to notice the following changes in consumer behaviours:

The following trends have been reported:

  • “Food Telling”, Food with a Message. It responds to a demand for transparent, attractive, accessible information. It connects the consumer to what he or she consumes, and at the same time provides the food items themselves with greater identity and authenticity.
  • “Slowcal”. Greater awareness and responsibility about the impact of food consumption on the personal, social, economic and environmental sphere is highlighted in this one. It seeks quality consumption in which enjoyment, balance, sustainability and accessibility predominate.
  • “Here&Now”. It facilitates the lifestyle of urban nomads who demand flexibility so that they can optimize the management of their time, health and the instant gratification of their needs anytime and anywhere.
  • “Eater_tainment”, Food Experience. This suggests spoiling oneself and self-satisfaction through memorable experiences that connect with the emotional needs of individuals. Adventure, fun, surprise and entertainment provide experiential added value to the product.
  • “MadeSimple”, Keep it simple. It is reflected in the demand for flexible solutions that allow intelligent purchasing and consumption by opting for the least time-consuming choice. It is associated as much with the product as with the purchasing process and consumption through services and tools that make the lives of consumers easier.
  • “MyHealth”, Personalised Health. A proactive, responsible attitude towards the promotion, prevention and maintenance of one’s own well-being and health is represented by this one. It seeks a diet adapted to personal needs to achieve a physical, mental and emotional balance.
  • “EgoFood”, Food expression. This one is associated with the expression of one’s own identity (individually or as part of a group), by “personifying” one’s own desires, values and aspirations in mass-market products.

The SOOSH brand has been developed using latest market research and studies of up to date market trends.


The SOOSH brand was inspired by the Lemkos (Łemkowie) who have inhabited south-eastern Poland at least since the 15th century. The oldest locations include: Uście Wołoskie (1413), Gładyszów (1417), Klimkówka (1435) and Zdynia (1437). In 1480 they moved into Bielanka, Hańczowa and Kwiatoń.

A landscape of small villages and houses with tiny orchards, many of which exist until this day. Naturally growing fruit was initially dried in the sun and later, as the community grew richer, in special drying chambers. That was also the safest storing method. In the cold seasons the dried fruit was boiled, yielding juice and creating a beverage that would heal the soul and the body. A velvet flavor, a well-balanced composition and that exceptional smell – all achieved naturally. The mind and the body rest, while the senses awaken.


Discover the benefits of placing orders directly with us for SOOSH beverages! If you’re the owner of a shop or food & drink location and would like to grow your range to include our fruit juices then contact us and we will showcase an individually tailored presentation along with a detailed partnership contract proposal.


We have a range of attractive programmes available for food & drink distributors. Contact us today and we will gladly present the benefits of including SOOSH fruit juices in your product range.

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